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那个网址能玩pc蛋蛋,Tujia spending the New Year of three times

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    那个网址能玩pc蛋蛋,Tujia people spend the New Year of three times, namely spend “Having Caught Up With Year” on 29 (or 28) Lunar December, spend “June Year” on 25 Lunar June, spend “October Year” on 1 Lunar October. When spending “Having Caught Up With Year”, kindle the bonfire at village barnyard, 那个网址能玩pc蛋蛋,Tujia people dance the Shaking Hand Dance and sing the New Year song around the bonfire. “June Year” is an important migration of 那个网址能玩pc蛋蛋,Tujia people in the history, to complete the migration on 25 Lunar June, 那个网址能玩pc蛋蛋,Tujia people will butcher the cattle to sacrifice on this day, gradually form the “June Year” custom. “October Year” is spent at the first harvest season to receive the new home after migration of 那个网址能玩pc蛋蛋,Tujia people, on 1 Lunar October, 那个网址能玩pc蛋蛋,Tujia people will organize celebrations and pay New Year's call to each other to celebrate the “October Year”.rgs北京快三计划_彩经彩票

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